St. Stephen Cathedral

Inside St. Stephen Cathedral

I consider St. Stephen Cathedral in Budapest the Most Splendid cathedral I've ever been to 🤩

It was completed on 1905, named in the honor of King Stephen; the first king of Hungary 👑

Check the details of walls, columns, paintings, statues, protruding decorations, colours of marble on walls & gounds, arches details... It's a Piece of Fine Art that deserves to be savored 😉

The Gorgeous huge column in the photo slideshow below literally left me speechless! I even sat on a chair in front of it to indulge my eyes & feelings with that gorgeousness ❤ 

The Outside of St. Stephen cathedral

Splendid Beauty Inside

That Gorgeous Huge Column...

Even the ground is very Elegant

The Great Market Hall, Budapest

The Outside of the Great Market Hall... Beautiful Architecture

One of the places I loved in Budapest was the “Great Market Hall”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into shopping at all 😀 However, that market was really amusing even for me!

It lies at the famous street “Vaci utca”. The outside of the market is very eye catchy for its Beautiful architecture. On the inside, its design is like a train station.

The most amusing part is about the goods sold inside; Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, dairy products, pickles, spices, souvenirs, clothes, hats, bags, hot meals & drinks… perfectly arranged & presented.

I bought all my souvenirs of Hungary from a beautiful Ukrainian-Hungarian lady there, at very good prices. She also gave me 1 souvenir for free. We became friends & in contact till now 🙂 

The Great Market Hall on the Inside

Gorgeous Pickles in the Great Market Hall!

Budapest is famous of Chili Pepper...Inside the Great Market hall

Margaret Island, Budapest

At the entrance of Margaret Island

"Margaret Island" is a lovely park in Budapest, full of greenery, colourful flowers, various types of trees some of which are really uncommon, like that tree with a vertical opening along its trunk from bottom to top, in the photo slideshow below!

After exploring Margaret Island gorgeous landscape, I was hungry so I went to the restaurant there & chose the dish (in the photos below too) for lunch. Can't remember its name as the Hungarian language was difficult for me 😀 It consisted of potatoes, shrimps, tomatoes, beans & zucchini, all cooked in red sauce with some Hungarian herbs & presented in a pan... Was really tasty! 💋

Food is a pleasant way to get soaked in other countries & cultures!  What country did u like its food the most?

A Tree with a vertical opening in trunk from bottom to top

My delicious dish!

Kurtos Kalacs... for Dessert Lovers!

While baking the Kurtos Kalacs

"Kurtos Kalacs" is a traditional cake in Hungary, difficult name but tasty cake! 😋

This type of cakes is called "Spit Cakes". As in the photo, they are made of a layer of dough, rounded onto a cylindrical rotating spit. Then the dough is baked by an open fire or a special oven.

It has many favours; Cinnamon, Chocolate, Honey, Peanut Butter... I Loved the Cinnamon one although very sugary! 😄 Don't miss the "Kurtos Kalacs" when u visit Hungary 😉

Kurtos Kalacs cake

Szentendre Town

Just 20 km to the north of Budapest lies the Beautiful Szentendre Town🤩

I fell in Love with this town! Its authentic cobbled streets, fascinating colourful houses, wonderful architecture, fresh air breezes… “Szentendre” town is indeed a Beauty!

When you visit Budapest, don’t miss Szentendre 😉 It’s only 40 minutes from Budapest by train & u can get the train tickets from some underground stations, just check which stations sell them. 


Danube River in Szentendre

The Serene Danube in Szentendre Town


A view of the Danube River at “Szentendre” town, 20 km to the north of Budapest, Hungary.

I really Loved that delicate, serene town & its beautiful nature!

Serene & Peaceful views of Danube River in Szentendre town

Serene & Peaceful views of Danube River in Szentendre Town

Gorgeous Szentendre! Pretty coloured houses on the Serene Danube River

Szentendre Landscape

Lovely relaxing landscape & nature, mixed with colourful graffiti 🤩 Beauty is in the air!❤ Can’t get enough of Szentendre

Szentendre Stair Steps

Narrow alleys with stair steps to take us from one level to another in the town

One of the things I enjoyed most about “Szentendre” town was its streets, with narrow ramps and stair steps that transferred us from one level to another of the town, up & down, as it’s built on different levels. I felt like I was playing chutes & ladders live! 😀

Basic Elegance in Szentendre

It seems that town won’t stop emitting its simple, delicate Beauty! Check the details of these restaurants; the decorations using flowers, wood elements, materials used, menues hanged on doors … Basic yet Elegant & Lovable ❤

Simplicity is Beauty...

Simplicity is Beauty

Simplicity is Beauty

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