Euro Disney... A Penalty on the way!

When I was in Paris, Disneyland Paris (I prefer to say Euro Disney) was on the top of my bucket list! We got the metro tickets, took the metro & at “Auber” station we changed to another metro line called “RER, A”, which reaches Euro Disney. On the way, I kept imagining all the Fun & Excitement waiting for a Hobbit-Spirited one like me in that Big Fat Amusement Park!

Suddenly, 2 inspectors interrupted my daydreaming, asking to check our metro tickets. We showed them the tickets but they replied those were tickets for ordinary metro trips “inside Paris”, while the RER needed different tickets & thus, we should pay a penalty of 33 Euros for not buying the RER tickets 🤨 We told them the RER entrance was directly connected to the ordinary metro stations with no signs at all mentioning different tickets. The inspectors insisted we should pay…No excuse! We paid 33 Euros… with a feeling of heartache! 💔

Learnt Lesson 1: “RER” to Euro Disney has its own tickets; better buy it at 15 Euros (round trip) than paying a fine of 33 Euros! 😀

Learnt Lesson 2: Euro Disney is about 32 km from Paris center & it needs a full day. “Park-aholic” pass several days there :D Check the varying opening hours on:

Learnt Lesson 3:  Euro Disney has many areas; the 2 main of which are “Disney Studios” & “Disney Park”. Enjoy the “studios” before entering the “Park”, as the “Studios” close earlier.

Bruges (Brugge) Town

“Bruges” or "Brugge" is a Beautiful Medieval town in Belgium, about 97 km from the Belgian capital “Brussels” & 300 km from the French capital “Paris”. I visited Bruges on a day trip from Paris 


In Bruges “Historic City Center” & “Market Square”, buildings had a lovely medieval architecture & vibrant colours. Water canals in Bruges were Amazing! I took a 30-minute boat tour in those canals, which was like a Fantasy  By boat, we reached hidden beautiful natural scenes & passed under wonderful brick bridges, low enough to make us watch our heads while passing below  Exciting! Wandering the cobbled streets of Bruges & having a snack at a restaurant in that medieval ambiance was delightful.

Bruges has many other attractions, as “Belfry Bell Tower” with clocks ringing every 15 minutes & “Church of Our Lady” with a very long brick tower. I had a wrong idea that people of Bruges spoke French but when I spoke in French, I wasn’t understood! They spoke Flemish (a form of Dutch) as a mother tongue & English. Don’t miss Bruges day trip! 

Boat Tour in the Seine River

Boat in Seine River, "Notre Dame" church in the background

Follow the Signs 😉

In Paris, with my friend… we booked tickets for boat tour in the Seine River. My headphone audio guide didn’t work all through the trip, so I missed the stories of Paris attractions we passed by. As the boat staff couldn’t fix it, they offered us 2 free tickets to take this tour again later… C’est gentil, Merci! J The next day, we took another boat &…guess what? Again, my audio guide didn’t work 🤨 I felt it was a conspiracy 😀 Or a Sign 😉 So, I decided to forget about audio guides & go to the boat upper deck to enjoy the open air…. & that was Charming! On the deck, I loved the Romantic atmosphere of Seine River & light rain, the chill in the air & the excitement of passing by couples having their Wedding photo sessions on the river banks ❤ whenever we passed by a couple, people on deck clubbed their hands & whistled for the couple, who in turn paused their session & greeted us back ❤ Really happy & romantic moments! Thanks for the malfunctioning audio guides 😀