Arts Center (Aisha Fahmy Palace), Zamalek, Cairo

The Palace Main Entrance

The palace itself is a lovely piece of art... its design, area distribution, staircases and handrails, painted glass window walls... The building is beautiful! This is in addition to the exhibited lovely paintings & sculptures by Egyptian and worldwide painters and sculptors. You'll enjoy the diversity of the palace rooms, as each room is totally different in its decoration, colours and style.

Please take some time to savor this art! Beautiful handrails & painted wall windows

One of the Palace rooms

A corner at the Chinese room

One of the various lovely paintings exhibited in the Palace

A wood sculpture...looks like copper

The National Theater, Ataba, Cairo

The National Theater from outside

The National Theatre is a Lovely piece of Art at "Ataba" square, in the heart of Cairo

Inside the main hall of the theater

Inside the main hall of the theater

Decorations inside the National Theater

A statue of the great Egyptian poet "Ahmed Shawky"

A statue of the great Lebanese poet "Khalil Motran"

El Moez St., Old Cairo, Egypt

Old Buildings with Islamic architectural style at Moez Street

El Moez Street is considered the biggest open Islamic Museum of the world :)

Ancient buildings, alleys, vintage, old shops & "Tannoura Dance" that descends from Sufi origins.

A Shop selling old & used items

Tannoura Dance, with a Sufi origin

"Made in Egypt" bazaar, selling Egyptian products

An alley at Moez Street, with wood encasement over some windows (Mashrabeyya) that was used centuries ago in Egypt


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