Retiro Park, Madrid

In Spanish they call it "Parque del Retiro". A park full of green areas, beautiful trees and lakes. Some trees there looked exactly like a human brain! The park is suitable for a picnic; you will find families and youth strolling through the park, enjoying the landscape or having snacks from the food and drink shops there. The park also has a big manmade lake where they rent rowing boats that you row yourself. If you want to make some activity other than watching the city attractions and exploring its streets, I recommend rowing at Retiro Park. A Boat is rented for 6 Euros, for a period of 45 minutes. Boats are available for rent starting 9 am till 7 pm. 

Palacio de Cibeles (Cibeles Palace), Madrid

One of the most iconic buildings of Madrid for its unique, lofty architectural design. The palace lies at Cibeles Square (“Plaza De Cibeles” in Spanish), close to Madrid city center “Sol square”. It serves nowadays as the seat of city council. By daytime, the building stands with pride, catching the eyes of all those who pass by that area, however, if you want to be amazed, just pass by this palace by night, that’s when the lighting on its facades is fascinating! Even for me as a typical morning person, the palace was Charming by night ❤ You will find many people standing on the other side of Cibeles Square to take postcard-like pictures of the palace with its charming facade lighting! Enjoy watching its design and light effects with the crowds, but watch your belongings carefully! I suddenly felt like my backpack is open & coins dropping! I checked it to find out that a pick pocket had opened my backpack and stole 20 Euros 😮 Thank GOD he didn’t take the mobile phone too!

The lesson learnt: Among crowds, put your backpack in front of you, not on your back 😉   

Museo de Cera (Wax Museum), Madrid

About 20 minutes walking from Madrid city center; “Sol Square”. It includes wax figures representing the main characters of the Spanish history, famous historical characters from all over the world, Hollywood famous actors, famous sports characters, on the top of whom is Cristiano Ronaldo; the Pride of Real Madrid football club  The wax figures are sculptured very artistically that you feel them real people! There are also two games inside the museum, both included in the ticket price: a simulator and a horror house! The museum with its different parts is a very enjoyable experience 

An ancient Spanish warrior...looks like a real human!


People in a cafe...Beautiful sculpture!

It's leonardoooo!

AlMudena Cathedral, Madrid, Spain

Just beside of the Royal Palace (Palacio Real) of Madrid, lies this beautiful Roman Catholic church. The construction of AlMudena cathedral started on 1883 and was completed on 1993. On the inside, the church style is very modern and colorful, thanks to the colored skylight areas in the ceiling and long wall windows. Reflections of coloured light everywhere give it a very cheerful ambiance 🙂 I also loved the artistic chapels, staircases and statues there. At this church, on 2004, the royal wedding of Prince Felipe VI and Dona Letizia took place; 10 years later, they became the King and the Queen of Spain.   

The Cathedral outer facade

Very cheerful on the inside, isn't it?

Templo De Debod, Madrid

Templo De Debod

This is an Egyptian temple, donated by the Egyptian government to Spain on 1968 as a gesture of gratitude for the great contribution of Spain in protecting the huge Egyptian “Abu Simbel” Temple from drowning in Nile river water, due to Egypt’s construction - at that time - of its high dam to control the floods of Nile river. The stones of Templo De Debod were dismantled, transferred from Egypt to Spain in the form of pieces and then re-assembled together in Spain. In Madrid, the temple is placed on a small manmade lake, giving the place a very serene ambiance.    

You can reach Templo De Debod by metro; station (Plaza de Espana) is a few meters away. Photography lovers will enjoy taking lovely shots of the temple and its reflection on the water below, with long trees in the background.

Flamenco Dance, Spain

I believe this is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “Spain”! A real unique dance that one can enjoy only there. It is full of vibrant dancing, live guitar and singing, colorful folkloric dresses and costumes, all together creating an overwhelming mood of fine art that delights one’s soul. If you are in Barcelona, you can find the Flamenco dance show in many theatres at “La Rambla” street (the main entertainment street of Barcelona). If you are in Madrid, the Flamenco dance is performed in many theatres all over the city and at cafes as well, where those cafes have mini stages on their inside. In both cities, every hotel / motel reception has vouchers of Flamenco dance performance locations, so it is easy to choose a performance close to your accommodation.

Human Statues, Madrid

At the first glimpse, I thought it was a bronze statue, as he was closing his eyes and sitting totally still! After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and started moving and responding to people who wanted to take photos with him! One of the best human statues in my opinion, as this idea of chess player is not very common. In addition, he was smart enough to put another chair for those who want to take photos, where they sit on that chair and act as if playing chess with him. After taking photos, people gave him the money they believed he deserves.  


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