Story Telling Museum, Lisbon

Situated in the largest and main square of Lisbon; “Praca do Commercio”. This Museum is really unique and unlike the traditional museums, it displays information in various ways, so people who get bored easily – like myself – will not have that chance to get bored at all Big Grin
The museum mainly tells the history of Portugal in a story-like way using various effects that make us use many of our human senses Wink Upon the entry of the museum and getting audio-guides, we start the tour inside where we move from one point to the next; some parts of history are visually illustrated using screens with animated movies, other parts of history are illustrated through decorations and smells Winklike for example, the old times when spices were imported to Portugal from Africa and Latin America, you find yourself in a part of the museum that's decorated like a storage place with a smell of spices! other parts of history are illustrated using modern-styled statues and 3D animated projections Wow and other parts are illustrated using an exciting documentary film.
It’s a unique museum that I enjoyed a lot and I really recommend. The entrance fee is 7 Euros/person and in case of groups it’s reduced to 5 Euros/person. You may add one more Euro and get a ticket to ascend the main arch of “Praca do Commercio”, where you’ll enjoy an adorable view of Tagus River along Lisbon’s largest square Smile

Historical Spices Store with spices smell in the air!

This man was thrown out of the building...says history!

Animated very short movie

At the time of Portugal's devastating earthquake

3D projected historical characters in discussion!

Pena Castle, Sintra

للعربي، من فضلك إنزل بالسهم :)

Sintra, Portugal :D

Pena Castle, in "Sintra"; a small town about 30 km away from the capital Lisbon. This colourful castle lies on the top of a green hill, surrounded by a fascinating nature that we admired from the castle top. We reached by car to a certain point, then parked the car and completed the road up to the castle on foot enjoying the charming natural scenes and practicing sport at the mean time :D The castle is famous of its lovely colours and architecture that combines both; Moorish (related to Arabs of North Africa, who stayed in Portugal for 400 years) & Portuguese architectural styles. It's when fine art melts with beauty of nature, where the outcome is just...enchanting! Centuries after its construction, the castle was turned into a palace for Portugal kings “before the end of monarchy there on 1910”. The photos show some parts of the castle from inside; can u see the kitchen size? And its amenities’ sizes? Can u see the jelly cup in the shape of an animal? :D

Thanks to Lisbon Riders for this lovely tour and guidance made by "Nuno"; the knowledgeable guide :)

سينترا، البرتغال :)
دي قلعة "بينا" في مدينة سينترا، مدينة صغيرة علي بعد حوالي 30 كم من العاصمة لشبونة. عمري ما شوفت قلعة ملونة بالشكل ده! بس هي عامة، كل حاجة في البرتغال ملونة و ألوانها مبهجة جدا :) ده بالإضافة للتل الأخضر إللي القلعة علي قمته. بنوصل بالعربية لحد مكان معين و بعدين بنكمل طلوع علي رجلينا علشان نستمتع بالمناظر الطبيعية الوهمية طول ما إحنا طالعين للقلعة :) المنظر من فوق أسطوري، قلعة ملونة فوق خضرة مد البصر! معمار القلعة جزء منه برتغالي و جزء عربي علشان عرب شمال أفريقيا "تحديدا المغاربة" كانوا في البرتغال لمدة 400 سنة. جمال معمار و جمال طبيعة في مشهد رائع. القلعة دي بعد كذا قرن من بناها اتحولت لقصر لملوك البرتغال "قبل ما الملكية تنتهي عندهم سنة 1910". الصور فيها أجزاء من القلعة من جوة، بصوا المطبخ حجمه أد إيه و حجم الحلل و الأدوات فيه أد إيه؟ طيب شايفين قالب الجيلي إللي علي شكل حيوان؟ :D

Lisbon Riders شكرا لشركة

علي الرحلة و علي المرشد السياحي إللي قال لنا معلومات كتير :)

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Santa Justa Lift, Lisbon

This lovely steel structure is in the heart of Lisbon, specifically in the live “Baixa” district. You’ll enjoy lovely top views of Lisbon from the wide terrace on the top. We booked the tickets from the ticket shop beneath the lift & stood in a –somehow- long queue, waiting for our turn to take the lift that will take us to the top! Lisbon views from the top of Santa Justa Lift are beautiful…worth the wait ;) but I’d advise that you go during the day light to fully enjoy the views, because for me, I couldn’t be there before the sunset & thought it would be more enjoyable in the day light ;)

On our way back, we didn’t take the lift down; instead, we walked the back steel bridge, which led us to the roof top of one of the near buildings, where we found a surprise! A café on that building roof top playing soft French music that, with the lovely top view, gave a very Romantic Ambience J we didn’t want to leave!  

Santa Justa Lift in the middle

A city view from Top

Another city and river view from top

The back steel bridge

The Tram, Lisbon

It’s always been a fantasy for me to use anything of an old style or relates to the old days! This old-style single-car tram is one of the significant signs of Lisbon Wow It's a part of Lisbon public transportation network. The most famous tram line is No. 28, since it has the longest route among the other tram lines there and it crosses through parts of Lisbon that include main sightseeing, attractions and old districts like “Alfama”, so you can enjoy a full ride to many of Lisbon attractions, only for 2.85 Euros (if you buy the ticket from the tram driver upon taking it) or you can buy a one-day ticket that includes all tram, metro & bus lines for 24 hours, for 6 Euros (can be bought from metro stations).

A little note; this single car capacity is around 20 persons (seated), so you may find a very long queue of people waiting for their turn to get “seated” in this enjoyable ride! People take the tram through its front door, then - normally - no one leaves till the end of the full route, so the rear door for exit is rarely used all through the ride! For more details about all Lisbon tram lines, click here.

Azenhas do Mar

Portugal...that unleashed beauty that needs to be explored! 

للعربي، من فضلك إنزل بالسهم :)

I've just been to Portugal a few months ago & guess what?... I’m planning to go again shortly coz its beauty deserves more visits :)
This is the picturesque seaside town “Azenhas do Mar”, very close to "Sintra" that we talked about in previous posts  At this point, we kept staring at the colorful houses, the sharp cliffs that lie on the Atlantic ocean, the infinitely extended water of the ocean and its very long waves extended right & left to finally break on the cliffs rocks... A scene that nourishes the soul...Portugal history is famous of sailors and explorers, that’s why Portuguese kids at the age of 5, start learning sailing alone in small sailing boats in the ocean, where their trainers are in other boats near them.

البرتغال... جمال غير مكتشف! أنا لسة كنت هناك من كام شهر و هاروح تاني إن شاء الله قريب جدا لأنها تستحق أكتر من زيارة :)

المنظر ده مكان علي المحيط الأطلنطي اسمه
“Azenhas do Mar”
قريب قوي من مدينة سينترا إللي حكينا عليها قبل كدة :) منظر البيوت الملونة علي المنحدرات العالية الخضراء إللي نازلة علي المحيط الأطلنطي عدل ... وقفنا قصاد المنظر مبهورين بجماله!! منظر الأمواج في المحيط، حاجة تانية خالص غير البحر، الموجة الواحدة طولها اكتر من 100 متر يمين و شمال! مش متخيلين في الأيام إللي موج المحيط بيعلي فيها بيبقي شكله عامل إزاي! تاريخ البرتغال كله بحارة و مستكشفين‘ علشان كدة الأطفال البرتغاليين‘ ابتداء من سن 5 سنين بيبتدوا يتعلموا الإبحار في قوارب صغيرة في المحيط.... إحنا الحقيقة اتخضينا من الشجاعة إللي هما فيها، أطفال و أهالي!! بس لما عرفنا ان المدربين بتوع الأطفال بيبقوا في مراكب تانية قريبة منهم الحقيقة اتطمننا !!

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Street Arts in Lisbon, Portugal :)

They turn the very ordinary buildings into lovely pieces of Art <3

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Belem Tower, Lisbon

Belem Tower was built in 1519 & its original purpose was to be a part Of The Portuguese defensive system against outer attacks. It lies on Tagus River. It's a UNESCO world heritage.
Better book your ticket online to avoid the long queue :)

After getting to the top of The tower, through the ancient, narrow staircase & descending again to the ground, people relax at this open area with the Tagus river view & the music played by a street musician there :)

برج بيليم اتبني سنة 1519 و كان الهدف الأساسي منه هو أنه يكون جزء من الجهاز الدفاعي لدولة البرتغال ضد الاعتداءات الخارجية. البرج مبني علي نهر تاجوس في لشبونة و بيعتبر من ضمن التراث الثقافي لليونسكو. أحسن تحجزوا التذاكر online يا جماعة قبل ما تروحوا علشان ماتقفوش في الطابور الطويل ده :)

المكان المفتوح ده ناس كتير بتقف ترتاح فيه شوية بعد ما يكونوا طلعوا علي السلالم العتيقة الضيقة لحد قمة البرج و نزلوا تاني. منظر نهر تاجوس مع الموسيقي اللي بيعزفها واحد من فنانين الشارع هناك، بجد يهدي الأعصاب :)

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