San Gimignano, Italy

The Main Square of San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a medieval town in Tuscany Region, Italy, about 60 km to the southwest of "Florence" and is officially in the province of "Siena". As soon as I stepped into this town, i felt as if I traveled through time to the medieval ages! The town still keeps its full medieval essence, manifesting in its medieval brick fence encircling the town with its medieval towers, narrow cobbled streets with medieval gate-like arches , old houses & church, a torture museum that shows how prisoners were tortured in the medieval ages! For myself, I didn't go inside that museum! Back to the authentic medieval streets, while you stroll there you'll find souvenir and gift shops on both sides of the narrow streets, selling beautiful coloured gifts. in addition to the immersing in medieval times, another lovely experience is to climb the medieval towers around the town, where on tower top you'll enjoy the view of the green hill beneath San Gimignano, surrounded with picturesque vine yards & green areas.
San Gimignano could be visited on the same day with "Siena" & "Pisa" towns, as a full day trip from Florence.

Cinque Terre

“Cinque Terre” at the north of Italy; about 2 hours from Florence by bus. Formed of 5 old fishermen villages (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza & Monterosso) consisting of colourful small houses on and among green hillsides in the Mediterranean sea <3
Inside the 5 villages, u can explore the old narrow alleys, arches, stone steps, coloured small old houses and sea shores with fishing boats!
On the ways between the 5 villages, you’ll enjoy the charming scenery of green hills standing in the sparkling blue water! Change lovers will enjoy the various transportation means between each 2 villages! Some villages are connected by train, others by boat & for our trip, we went hiking on feet between Corniglia & Vernazza 😀 Cinque Terre is one of the most Charming experiences one may have; don’t miss it! Many travel agencies arrange this trip; you’ll find the vouchers of those agencies at the reception of your lodge.



A small old town, about 75 km to the south of Florence. The buildings style in its old streets resembles to a great extent that of old streets of Alexandria, Egypt, in a way or another 🤩 
The first photo shows one of Siena’s old streets and buildings.
The Second photo shows the façade of Siena’s beautiful cathedral.
The Third photo shows the cathedral from inside; Wonderful architecture like everything in Italy 
The forth photo shows the main square of Siena, where a famous horse race is held twice every year, where all shops at this square get closed on the day of the race, as horses circle around the square 3 times.
The fifth photo shows a gift shop, with wonderfully coloured plates and products. This style of gift shops is found a lot in Sienna.
The sixth photo shows candle souvenirs in the form of little turtles, hand made by the shop owner herself… an artist like most of Italians 😀

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Pastella Restaurant

"Pastella" restaurant in Florence, Italy. As soon as we step into the restaurant & order pasta, the woman standing in the front corner of the restaurant starts baking the pasta and shaping it, then it's cooked inside the restaurant and served as fresh pasta to guests :D

You can find "Pastella" at "Della Scala" St., off "Santa Maria Nouvella" Square, where the train station is.


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Uva Nera

Uva Nera;

While I was walking in the lovely weather of Florence, it suddenly started to rain heavily and I had no umbrella or rain coat to avoid getting totally wet! I was also very hungry! So I got into the first “café” I found! It was called “Uva Nera”. When I entered, I was impressed by the decoration, as tables were old sewing machines like the one my grandmother used long ago. I ordered a cheese & olives sandwich and orange juice :D Loved the curved wooden plate at which my sandwich was served. Later on, I knew it was not a café, it was a wine bar :D The owner of the place was a very nice lady, who told me she had Egyptian origins, as her grandparents were Egyptians living in Alexandria, but had immigrated to Italy long ago. When I was leaving, she gave me an umbrella to use and return it later, as the rain was still strong. You can find Uva Nera in Borgo Ognissanti street.


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