Kayaking in Nile River

Enjoy an exciting experience & get connected to Nature without leaving town.... just using a narrow kayak and a paddle in Nile river in Cairo! There are many kayaking routes in the river, with different distances and levels of difficulty depending on the participant's level; beginner, intermediate or advanced. Me, as a beginner, I received instructions of safe kayaking from our guide, where he informed us how to keep balanced in the kayak in order not to fall in the river and how to kayak faster without exhausting muscles. When we got in the water and started our route, the guides were kayaking among us to give help for those who needed it & to give necessary instructions when we had to cross big boats routes! Thank you Nile Kayak Club for this lovely experience!

Rappelling in Cairo

Enjoy this adrenaline-rush activity in “Wadi Degla Protectorate” in Cairo. Upon reaching the protectorate, you’ll get transferred by a 4x4 safari car into the inside; a drive of about 30 minutes in a desert alley till you reach the location of rappelling, which is a vertical cliff of about 13 meters’ height. You climb the back side of the cliff, which is not vertical and easy to climb till you reach the cliff top. On the top, you’ll get tied in rappelling set of belts, wear safety hat, hold a rope and by the help of a guide, start descending the cliff using your own weight and hands to control your speed of descent and number of stops you make between the cliff top and the ground 🤪 You can repeat the climb and rappelling for as many times as you can, through the 5 hours of your stay there! Thank you Egypt Hiking Community for this wonderful day!

Archery in Cairo

Pass some quality medieval times shooting arrows while enjoying the relaxing scenery of Nile River 🙂 If you are a beginner, no worries; Archery guides give the beginners all instructions needed to shoot the arrows to the target! You will also shoot hanged balloons and freely moving balloons, which is real Fun :D  Thank you Arrow Egy for this different experience. 


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