Borg El Burullus town, Kafr El Sheikh Governorate

A house entrance...Really Artistic!

This artistic street lies directly on the Mediterranean Sea in “Borg El Burullus town”, Kafr El Sheikh governorate, Egypt. It’s more like an open art gallery, where lovely drawings and paintings are made on buildings walls & doors along the street. Simple yet Beautiful 🙂 Children there are very friendly; as soon as they notice a camera in your hand, they run to you and ask you to take them a photo 😀 in a wink, they gather, stand in the photo position, and smile ❤

Lovely kids of Burullus <3

The opening of an Egyptian song, meaning "Why does the sea laugh?" :D

“Ras Muhammed”, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Ras Muhammed Natural Reserve / Protectorate in Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, is one of the 24 natural reserves / protectorates in Egypt. The marine life there, presented in corals and fish is Amazing. The snorkeling and diving there are just mind blowing experiences! Below water is another coloured world full of coral reefs and fish with different species, sizes and colours… fish shapes are sometimes exotic.

Not only underwater is beautiful, but also above… The “Mangrove Trees” area in Ras Muhammed protectorate Charming! Those Mangrove trees that grow in salty sea waters not only give a picturesque natural scene, but also work as salt filter, since they contain a natural salt filtration system within the tree parts, so you can find salt particles accumulated on Mangrove leaves.

Inside the protectorate, there is also the “Magic Lake” where water is so clear to the extent of being transparent. The water of the shallow parts of the lake, adjacent to the lake shore has no colour (literally transparent) then the deeper parts of the lake start getting light blue shades. Regarding the reason of calling he lake “magic”, there are 2 says; the first say is that since – for an unknown reason - it didn’t appear on satellite photos of Ras Muhammed protectorate till few years ago. The second say is that because the water colour in the lake changes many times per day, due to sun light reflection on it.

Don’t miss the “Earthquake Crack” in Ras Muhammed protectorate too. This crack age is thousand of years, however the cracked surface was closed until 1969 when an earthquake happened, affected the surface and broke it; 42 meters long, 1.2 meters wide & 14 meters deep. The crack hosts “blind red shrimps” and specific algae. It’s not allowed to get down inside the crack.

All types of fishing or hunting are not allowed in the protectorate.

Mangrove Trees Area

The Magic Lake

The Earthquake Crack

"Al Menzaar" or "Panorama" Area in Ras Muhammed

Simplicity in Ras Muhammed

Nubia, Egypt

"Nubia" lies at the very south of Egypt on Nile River. it is officially considered a part of "Aswan" governorate, however, people of Nubia are racially different than people of Aswan and they have their own Nubian languages that they speak in their every day life in addition to Arabic; the language of Egypt.

Nubia is a lovely mix of Beauty of Nature and Bright Colourful manmade Houses :)

A view of Nile River at Nubia

"Anakato" Guest House

Nile River at Nubia

A colourfull Nubian House

"Nubian Dream" Guest House

Nubia; Crafts & Guest Houses

I hope you enjoy these photos taken at Nubia, showing the Nubian Crafts like scarves making, colourful hats, Nubian Spices Trade and some of the wonderfully coloured Nubian Guest Houses: 

"Nubian Dream" Guest House (coloured in Yellow)

"Anakato" Guest House hall from inside (coloured in Orange & Green)

Scarves making at Nubia

Spices Trade at Nubia

The Colourfull Nubian hats

"Nubian Dream" Guest House

"Anakato" Guest House from Inside

Salama Coloured Canyon, Nuweiba, South Sinai

Trek & climb the colourful rocks of Salama Canyon near Nuweiba, South Sinai. Rocks have various lovely formations & various colours due to their different mineral content. The Trip is guided by the lovely Bedouin guides of Sinai and can be done as a day trip from the more famous nearby city of "Dahab" in South Sinai too. 

The entrance of Salama Canyon

Sheikh "Mansour"; our Bedouin guide

Rock formations at Salama Canyon

Different rock colours due to different mineral content

Reserve an Accommodation in "Dahab", South Sinai!

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Siwa Oasis, Western Desert

Siwa Oasis lies in Egypt's Western Desert, about 50 km away from the borders with Libya. Siwa Oasis is famous of its serene environment, hot and cold water springs that contain minerals, salt lakes, palm trees that produce the sweetest dates ever, sandy hills around the oasis that accommodate desert activities like desert safari and sand boarding. This is in addition to "Fitnass Island" with its Charming sunset natural sceneries (The fixed photo on the right is taken at Fitnass Island).

The people of Siwa Oasis speak the "Amazig" language as a mother tongue, which is the language of North African Tribes. They also speak Arabic since they are Egyptians and most of them speak Italian too, since most of the tourists there are Italians :) 

Cleopatra Spring

A Salt lake

A view of Siwa palm trees from the top of Dakrouri Mountain

Building Style in "Siwa Shali" resort, simulating the typical building style at Siwa Oasis

The Typical Winter Room in Siwa Oasis Houses

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Royal Jewellery Museum, Alexandria

للعربي من فضلك إنزل بالسهم :)

The "Royal Jewellery Museum", Zizinia, Alexandria... A Breathtaking Piece of Art :) The Architecture, the paintings on huge glass windows, the decorated ceiling & floors...everything is Charming, Unique & Artistic Unfortunately, when I visited it, photos were not allowed inside the palace, but now they are allowed :)

متحف المجوهرات الملكية، زيزينيا، الإسكندرية. واحد من أروع الأماكن إللي شوفتها خلال الكام سنة إللي فاتوا، سواء جوة مصرأو براها. القصر نفسه تحفة في المعمار و الديكورات الداخلية من الأرضيات للحوائط للأسقف للرسومات على زجاج الشبابيك الحائطية الكبيرة :) جمال القصر في رأيي أجمل من المجوهرات نفسها :D وقت ما زرته كان للأسف ممنوع التصوير جوة القصر، لكن دلوقتي مسموح :) بجد، مكان يستحق يتشاف :)

El Gouna, Red Sea

El Gouna is an elegant resort on the Red Sea in Egypt that has the most elegant hotels & inns eve :) El Gouna is  designed on the Venecian style with many canals on the Red Sea where  the sea tide changes the level of water in those canals, and small bridges over those canals in addition to a main canal (open water).  It's called " Venice of Egypt ". 


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