The English Park, Munich

In the heart of Munich lies this big park with its Wonderful and serene natural scenes. If you want to escape the busy, fast-paced city life, then go take a walk among the serene woods and water streams of that park. Enjoy the soothing ambiance and get re-charged with the positive energy of the peaceful beautiful nature there.


"Rothenburg" is a Beautiful small medieval town in Germany, that lies in an area famous of its beautiful scenery called "The Romantic Road". As soon as you get in Rothenburg, you can see and feel its lovely medieval Essence, revealed in its cobbeled narrow streets, ancient old-style houses, museums, church, castle, town fence...everything! As if you are back in time to the medieval ages! Simplicity and authenticity are in the air. 

"Kathe Wohlfahrt" Christmas Shop - Rothenburg

"Kathe Wohlfahrt" Christmas Shop is the main Christmas shop in Rothenburg, where you can enjoy its Marvelous Christmas decorations and buy its eye dazzling Christmas ornaments all year round 🤪 There are also non-Christmas little wonderful gifts there (like the dwarf statue in the slide show!) The whole place is a Master piece of art!   

Olympia Park - Munich (With Unique Activities!)

“Olympia Park” in Munich is where the Olympics took place in Germany in 1972. The park has a fascinating landscape of greenery and lakes, however, this is not the most special part about it; it’s about the adventures and adrenaline rushing activities you can do there ;) You can try their “flying fox”, where you cross the whole width of the football playground, hanged in a wire at a height of about 20 meters :D You can also climb the non-uniform roof around the football playground (as in the next photo), in groups, of course after being tightly tied to safety belts :D   

Mareinplatz - Munich

Mareinplatz is the commercial center of the Elegant, delicate city of Munich 🤩 It's a mixture of history and modernety. You can find there ancient churches with ancient towers standing beside the shopping center that includes a big variety of brands for shopping lovers. In Mareinplatz, I was able to climb the narrow staircase of the ancient tower of "Alten Peter (Ancient Peter) Church, to finally reach a narrow catwalk made around the tower to give a panoramic look of Munich city, for 2 euros 🤩It was really an exciting experience. Shopping Lovers will find a wide variety of brands of clothes, leather, sports wear, in addition to the cafes and restaurants there for a coffe or lunch break.    

Reserve an Accommodation in Munich!

Click here to Reserve your spot in one of Mucnih good hotels at a very good rate! I tried H2 Munchen Mese Hotel myself and it was perfect! not close to city center but very close to metro station that transferred us really fast to city center. Also the interior of the hotel, its service & food were all awesome 🤩 From Munich, you can go on day trips to many other towns in Germany & in Austria too (Like Salezburg) 😉 


Dachau Concentration Camp

"Dachau" Concentration Camp, 16 km (10 miles) away from Munich, established by the Nazis on 1933 to imprison & torture their un-liked types of people! Many types of prisoners were imprisoned in this camp, among which are Jews, political prisoners, criminal prisoners, homosexuals, emigrants to Germany from other countries (race polluters!)… Many methods of torture were used there; hanging prisoners from their arms while arms are tied behind their backs till they die, lashing, leaving with light clothes in freezing weather, and many other non-humane methods of torture, so many prisoners died; About 11 Millions were killed in concentration camps all over Europe!! Those who miraculously managed to live in Dachau camp were set free when Germany was beaten in World War 2 and this camp was released on 29 April 1945, after having been tortured for years & thus, physically & psychologically destroyed. The photo on the right is the memorial of all victims who tried to escape from this camp but died while crossing its fence. In the slide show, you can see the gas chamber, where prisoners were selected to be killed by gas! In another 2 photos, you can see the burning chamber and furnaces, were bodies of dead-out-of-torture / killed prisoners were burnt! In another photo, you can see the vast space of the camp, were prisoners were gathered every day, left in queues for long hours, sometimes in a freezing weather, as a kind of torture.  The photo of the green statue in the slide show is a symbol of all victims who managed to live till being released on 1945, where like the statue; they were in a very bad physical condition, but with hope for a better life, or to be precise...with hope for a life.

Marienplatz Street Market

"Marienplatz" area is the commercial center of the Elegant, delicate city of Munich. A Street Market is held in Marienplatz almost every day, to sell a wide variety of German domestic products, like vegetables, fruits, candies, dairy products, flowers, plants, hand made soap and hand made candles, wooden souvenirs  and ready made local food "which is the very special part 😉" don't miss their chili and dried tomato stuffed with cheese! Their exotic seafood receipes too are nice to try!  

Salezburg - Austria

Salezburg is a small old town in Austria on the border between Austria and Germany. It’s the city where Mozart was born and where the movie “The Sound of Music” was filmed in its wide green areas. The town’s narrow cobbled streets are really authentic, with coloured, old-style houses on both sides. Salezburg is also famous of its delicious desserts (mainly chocolate cakes) and ice cream :D It has a lovely river with locks bridge, cathedral, museum and a high cliff that you can reach its top using a fast lift (takes 30 seconds from ground to cliff top), where the view from the cliff top is charming; greenery, mountains with tips covered with snow and the old town far below. 

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